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Welcome to Jen’s Good Reads.  While this blog will consist of book reviews, many which I have also on Amazon and Goodreads, there is always room for a little something different. Sit back, grab your favorite beverage, and enjoy what the site has to offer.

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Writers of America

Penguins of America by James & Jack Patterson

Designed as an answer to the Humans of New York popularity trend, James Patterson’s new book is a delightful read.  When penguins take the place of humans, humor is implied. The same is also evident when the reader reads the captions.  But the words are not nearly as powerful without the gorgeous illustrations; they are a feast for the eyes all in themselves!  So, if you’re a fan of puns, parodies, and pengiuns, then this is the book for you.

Dawn of the Undead

The Undead Must Die, Episodes 1 & 2 by Penny BroJacquie

Floriana is a young student enjoying a vacation in Greece. She gets more than she bargains for, however, when she first encounters a young man by the name of Eric. He invites her to a festival shortly before he touches her hand, thus drugging her. When Floriana comes to, she is notified that her help is needed. The Order of the Black Rose requires her assistance in cracking a vital code. Also, they need her to help fend off a hoarde of undead beings who were created to destroy the world. Will Flora be of any valuable assistance? Read the book to find out. “The Undead Must Die Episodes 1 & 2” is a short, yet engaging read, and it leaves the reader hungry for more!

Every Man Is an Island

Archipelago: A Problem by G.H. Neale

Likened to the works of many literary greats, Archipelago tells the story of several different characters.  Despite John Donne’s famous quote about no man being an island, Neale breathes life into a group of individuals who are considered separate entities.  And while the characters are not connected by “traditional” means of land, they are a group of islands with only a small amount of distance between them.  Their search for meaning does not go unnoticed by engaged readers of this impressive and thought-provoking title.

Troubled Skies

A Bad Crossing (The Autobiography of Calista Antoine) (Volume 2) by Mark Bondurant

Calista Antione has just started to get her life back together. After the traumatic events of her recent past (from volume 1), she wants nothing more than to go back to school and lead a “normal” life. Calista sets out on a journey to Europe to complete her education. Though our heroine boards the zeppelin with great hopes of studying music, things take a turn for the worse when sabotage claims the life of some of the passengers and the crew. Calista, with the help of some of her friends, acts as medic and help some of those lives remaining survive. Things go from bad to worse when infamy tarnishes Calista’s name, and she finds that she has to face many untrue accusations. Though this steampunk fantasy is woven around an alternate historical timeline, that does not detract the reader from enjoying the adventure. Read A Bad Crossing to explore the courageous spirit of a truly remarkable young woman!

Shredding Some Sweet Licks

Kissing Vicious by Brooklyn Ann

Kinley is a blogger who sets out to interview the members of her favorite heavy metal vand, Vicious. Despite the fact that her mother died when she was young, and she was raised by a male chauvinist father, Kinley is a strong woman in every sense of the word. Not only does she defeat one of the band’s roadies who groped her, but Vicious finds out that she makes a decent roadie herself. But Kinely doesn’t want to stop there. She has been a fan of music all her life and would love to be the band’s guitarist. It isn’t easy for Kinley at first, and things become more complicated when she develops a requited crush on lead singer, Quinn. The story is ripe with romance, suspense, and great musical references; the author has her readers poised and ready for sequels. Kinley is a heroine for our time, striving in a field where sexism is still alive and breathing.

Scaling Gender

Change of Life by Samantha Bryant

Change of Life is a story about a group of remarkable women who undergo some very interesting changes, and I’m not talking about menopause! Though their lives and backgrounds are different, each one of these “superwomen” share a remarkable bond because of a mad scientist who gave them extraordinary powers. But when one of the women, Patricia, is captured by the same mad scientist, the others band together to form a rescue mission. Though the stories all seem like different works at first, the author ties them all together in such a way to keep the reader interested. Change of Life is both empowering and enticing!

From Faking It to Making It!

The Database by T.L. Travis

Emily Morgan feels that she is lacking in her love life. She’s tired of dating guys who can’t please her in the bedroom. All that begins to change, however, when Emily’s friend, Sabrina, hands her a business card. The business card contains the name of a website for those seeking one-night stands. Emily logs onto the website to notice that every man listed has “customer” comments by his name. She undergoes a journey to tame these men by acting as a mistress and controlling their actions in the boudoir. Hunter, meanwhile, knows about the website and his bad rank. He wishes to redeem his name. Just as mysteriously as he walks into her life, Emily begins to fall for Hunter. Is there more than mere fate which allowed them to meet and feel a mutual attraction? Read about Emily’s torrid adventures in The Database to find out!

Wild Child

Life Flight by Shaunna Wolf

Kat is a fiesty, free-spirited woman. Malachi has just returned home after serving twenty years in the Army, a Vietnam veteran who was faced with heavy combat. Worlds collide when they meet at a bar one night. Two people who thought they did not have the capacity to love fall into a hot and heavy relationship. Meanwhile, Kat has trouble coming to terms with her failed marriage, especially since her husband refuses to sign the divorce papers. Malachi does not trust Kat’s ex husband, Frank. The latter of the two seems like he is up to no good and will do anything to make his wife mind. Life Flight is set in 1985, after feminism had its first wave, but male chauvinism was still pervasive. While many of the people in Kat’s life expect her to return to her abusive husband and be a “good little wife,” she has other plans. The plot thickens when Malachi finds out more about Kat’s sordid past. Despite her bad reputation, Malachi is detemined to to protect Kat from those who feel they have reason to harm her. Both of them now realize the importance of sticking together, especially sicne their survival is at stake. Life Flight is a hot, suspenseful book for those looking for action in every sense of the word.

Gotta Make ‘Em all!

The Pokémon Cookbook: Easy & Fun Recipes by Maki Kudo

As both a fan of Pokémon and a writer of cookbooks, I simply could not pass up this title. The author displays great creativity with the use of ingredients, as evidenced by the beautiful photographs placed all throughout the book. While the ingredients used to make the pokémon are filling and healthy, a lot of them are rare and difficullt to find, especially for those who live outside of Japan. Though the book is geared more toward children, some of the recipes are very involved and require constant adult supervision. “The Pokémon Cookbook,” however, is a must have for the most ardent fans of the entire franchise.

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