Motley Education by S.A. Larsen

Junior high student, Ebony Charmed, has enough problems of her own. Her parents have seperated, she’s being bullied in school, and her teachers think she is nothing but a great disappointment. Since she attends the School for the Psychically & Celestially Gifted, everyone thinks that Ebony should try harder. Things get even more complicated as Ebony is handed a single stick to complete an important school assignment. She then slowly discovers some shocking secrets about her lineage. Ebony, along with the indsepensible help of her best friend, Fleishman, undergo the cumbersome task of saving both their world and the spirit world from evil Norse gods. The story takes the reader on a tumultuous adventure and doesn’t let up until the end. The author also provides the reader with a map of Yggdrasil, a glossary, and a fun quiz at the end of the book. Motley Education is a very well-written and entertaining book, deserving of the first place prize at the 2016 New England Book Festival!