Mad Monk’s Treasure by Kris Bock

Erin is a historian at a local college in New Mexico who wants to embark upon an archaeological challenge. She and her best friend, Camie, are determined to set out to find the the legendary treasure of Victorio Peak. Their plans are delayed, however, after Erin has an accident. A person in a black SUV hit her, and she was thrown off her bike into a ditch. A man named Drew witnessed the event and rescued Erin. Shortly after she begins to recover, she and Drew run into each other again at a local bar. It is not long before the two of them start to develop feelings for each other. After Erin has some time to recover, she and Camie embark upon their long and dangerous journey, completely unaware of all the perils that lie ahead. These smart, brave, and srong women will not be deterred! “Mad Monk’s Treaure” is ripe with excellent and suspense, romance,leading the reader to question what will happen next.