One Last Ride by J.P. Uvalle

Lola Durand wasn’t prepared for the handsome man who walked into the strip club where she worked. She instantly became fascinated with Demetri Cruz, even though he did not reciprocate. Still, that wasn’t enough for him to turn down a lapdance. Lola took Demetri into the VIP lounge for some privacy. Things turned deadly when a bouncer came crashing through the doors. Mere seconds later, the bouncer was dead on the floor, and a dark shadow loomed overhead. Lola panicked when she recognized the killer as notorious crime boss Los Rey. She and Demetri manage to narrowly escape, but it’s not long before Los Rey and his men are hot on their trail. With no money and hardly anywhere to go, Lola and Demetri are determined to work together and ride the whole thing out until they find safety. J.P.’s fast-paced and sexy novella has enough curves and plot twists to keep readers engaged and wanting more. My advice to readers is to buckle up because it’s going to be a bumpy ride!