Life Flight by Shaunna Wolf

Kat is a fiesty, free-spirited woman. Malachi has just returned home after serving twenty years in the Army, a Vietnam veteran who was faced with heavy combat. Worlds collide when they meet at a bar one night. Two people who thought they did not have the capacity to love fall into a hot and heavy relationship. Meanwhile, Kat has trouble coming to terms with her failed marriage, especially since her husband refuses to sign the divorce papers. Malachi does not trust Kat’s ex husband, Frank. The latter of the two seems like he is up to no good and will do anything to make his wife mind. Life Flight is set in 1985, after feminism had its first wave, but male chauvinism was still pervasive. While many of the people in Kat’s life expect her to return to her abusive husband and be a “good little wife,” she has other plans. The plot thickens when Malachi finds out more about Kat’s sordid past. Despite her bad reputation, Malachi is detemined to to protect Kat from those who feel they have reason to harm her. Both of them now realize the importance of sticking together, especially sicne their survival is at stake. Life Flight is a hot, suspenseful book for those looking for action in every sense of the word.