Kissing Vicious by Brooklyn Ann

Kinley is a blogger who sets out to interview the members of her favorite heavy metal vand, Vicious. Despite the fact that her mother died when she was young, and she was raised by a male chauvinist father, Kinley is a strong woman in every sense of the word. Not only does she defeat one of the band’s roadies who groped her, but Vicious finds out that she makes a decent roadie herself. But Kinely doesn’t want to stop there. She has been a fan of music all her life and would love to be the band’s guitarist. It isn’t easy for Kinley at first, and things become more complicated when she develops a requited crush on lead singer, Quinn. The story is ripe with romance, suspense, and great musical references; the author has her readers poised and ready for sequels. Kinley is a heroine for our time, striving in a field where sexism is still alive and breathing.